Best Service for Our Clients

Assist our client on market research and analysis.
Assist our client on storage and delivery management.
Provide acceptance check on semi-finished products, finished products and packing materials.
Provide consultancy service on production.
Provide R&D and product design service.
Provide direct inspection and other inspections by 3rd party.
Provide application service on Barcode from GS1 China.
Provide information on production.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • High Production Efficiency to Deliver on Time
    Handian has a complete control system on procurement and production which control the production period and delivery time in order to meet the client requirements.
  • Complete Customer Service System
    Handian owns a complete customer service system which standardizes each process on research and development, sample making and product production.
  • Large Scales and Low Costs
    Handian owns manufacturing area of 12,000 square meters. Our plant with high production capacity is capable to produce various specifications of products for our clients with low cost.
  • Licenses and Certificates for Domestic and International Sales
    Handian holds a wide range of licenses and certificates including Chinese Manufacturer Registration on export foods, FDA, ISO 22000, GMP, etc.
  • 20 Years of Experience and Knowledge, Top Expert of Dietary Products
    Following the R&D and production tradition of Dietary Supplements Factory of China Pharmaceutical University, Handian has achieved a number of awards and certificates from government and other institutions, such as Food Safety Forum, Watsons and Manning, etc.
  • High Quality of Supply Chain Management
    To improve the efficiency and lower the costs by building a strong supply chain management system covering raw materials, packaging and logistics between our clients and the upstream suppliers.

Our Global Partners in Raw Materials

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