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Jiangsu Handian Biotechnology CO., LTD.
STOCK CODE: 870405
Handian, incorporated with Dietary Supplements Factory of China Pharmaceutical University, is a professional manufacturer of nutritious foods, dietary supplements and other healthy products. Based on the expertise and resources of China Pharmaceutical University, we have built a strong team focusing on R&D and production of supplements over the last 20 years. We have become an excellent one stop service and solution provider in nutrition and health field with over 2000 customers.
  • 20YEARS
    Specializing in Dietary Supplements for 20 Years
  • 80000+
    Sold in 80000+ Pharmacies and Supermarkets
  • 1000+
    Service Provider for 1000+ Brands
  • 6000+
    6000+ Advanced Formula
Our company has developed a wide range of dosage forms, including effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, powder, gummies etc. We have achieved the daily production capacity up to 600 thousand bags of powder, 800 thousand tablets and 10 tons of gummy with our multiple automatic production lines, including mixed pelletizing production line, tablet processing line, gummy production line and packaging machine line. Our plant with100-thousand-grade Cleaning Workshop is aim to provide safer and higher quality products for our customers.
Handian Biotechnology CO. LTD., a one stop high-tech service provider, specializes in research and development, production, processing, and exporting of Nutritious Foods and Health Products. 30 percent of our products has been exported to over 20 European and American countries and regions, while the rest 70 percent has been sold in China. We are currently the leading service and product provider of multiple well-know channels and brands in China.

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